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Adriana Wild

I am a Vice Principal of a Junior/Senior High School in Cochrane, Alberta who loves to run in my spare time, whether it’s on the road or on the trails. I love sharing my passion for running with my colleagues and students, and has led various Girls Run For It programs and run clubs at schools.

My  running accomplishments include winning the 2018 Calgary Marathon 50Km, becoming the 2018 ACU National 50k Female Champion, and winning the 2018 Banff Marathon, setting a new women’s course record that year. In addition, I hold two Guiness Book of World Records in conjunction with Calgary Marathon events: Fastest Marathon by a linked team (female) in 2017, and the furthest distance ran on a treadmill in 24 hours (female team) in 2016. I live by her favourite motto, “Carpe Diem” and is a prime example of pursuing a passion, exploring the world, and living life to the fullest.

Alex Diaz

I’m passionate, honest, extremely hard working, emotional (I mention this because it’s a big part of who I am on my instagram posts), I am relentless in my pursuit of my goals, and most importantly, I love helping people.

I love the brand. A friend of mine in the running community, Heather Michelle Stirling, wears a lot of the clothing and it convinced me to get my own apparel as well. I like what the brand stands for in terms of community engagement. Running is one of my 3 passions in life that I work on every day. Each of my passions are all community related at this point and I’m always trying to find ways to give back with each of them. I have been running since I was 11 and didn’t get involved with the community until about 5 years ago to be honest. I wanted to give back to the community with running and so I joined the Running Room as an instructor and have since met some of the most wonderful people in Edmonton, from teenagers all the way to 60 years old. It brings me joy to help people achieve their goals and help inspire them to run especially in this beautiful city.

I love to inspire. I created my instagram account as a place to share my running with the world, with other like minded people. I want to show my relentless pursuit to achieve my running goals, that includes all the setbacks. I also want to show the beauty of the outdoors because I love being outdoors! Although I’ll admit, winter is not my favourite time of the year haha but I still run outside because the outdoors is still my playground. So I will continue to show my love of the outdoors and my passion to run. I don’t know if these other things count as helping the community but I also volunteer with several other organizations (COVID unfortunately has stopped all of them at the moment), these organizations include the Alberta Science Network (I volunteer to teach science concepts and demo hands on experiments to kids in schools), the Telus World of Science (I’m an Observatory Attendant so I’m in charge of the telescopes with other members and we show the public various objects in the sky, also a volunteer position), Boys & Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada (I pair up with an at risk child in the community and mentor them), and last of all, I coach kids community soccer with the Steele Heights Community League (again volunteer). I keep incredibly busy when all these things are up and running but for now I will have to wait for these programs to come back into full force.

Well when it comes to running, I get this biggest dumbest smile on my face when I’m hitting my rhythm and my form feels spot on. I work really hard to get all of these things clicking every time I run. It brings me so much joy to train hard. Sometimes I will even dance or even sing in the middle of a run when I’m feeling super good haha running to me is very rhythmic and reminds me of dancing in my culture (I’m Salvadoran by birth) and rhythm is something that just naturally comes to us down there 🙂 But there’s also moments when I stand still and just enjoy a moment that’s so beautiful like when I go hiking in the mountains. You’re standing at a peak and you look across the landscape and it just takes your breathe away. Sometimes I even tear up from the scheer beauty that I have the privilege of witnessing with my own two eyes. As they say, life’s too short to take seriously!

Basia Kowal

Other than I can make Excel do anything, and I provide Taxgasams  ; ) I think when I am with someone I try to give them my undivided attention. I am a cheerleader through and through ( just have to learn to cheer myself on) –  I Love a challenge and always aim to give 100% of me into everything I do

The best way to make a difference is by being nice, make sure everyone feels included. My personality is always to stand up for the “little guy” – no one should feel excluded we are all in this together and need to watch out for each other – if I could share that message that would be sweet, also get out and sweat!!

I became an ammbassador to support local high quality wears, with a mental health message that should be spread for the world to hear! –

I include my dog Bailey in all my adventures – he always makes it interesting – also a reminder to stop and smell the tree’s, any run in nature is a good run.

Brenda Shaughnessy

Courageous; Driven; Passionate

I love what this company and brand stand for. I have a desire to promote mental health awareness.  I 100% support local companies that give back to our community.

To make a difference I will continue to share my story of overcoming adversity, life-changing injuries, and mental health challenges.

I always have fun when I workout! I love lifting weights and challenge myself to lift heavier and do more difficult lifts. I love to run and enjoy every moment I spend on the trail alone or laughing with friends and racing them.

Christy Holt

Encouraging, fun, outdoorsy, passionate, empathic, silly, open, loving, giving, mother, cheerleader, coach, fan of living my best life.

I love being involved with a company that stands for something, and I also love the gear.

As both a coach and low level social media influencer I just want to help people find their smile and live their best life!

Always have fun while working out! silly themes, epic adventures and friends!

Corey Watt

I’m a diamond in the rough, I like to see the good in people behind all their walls they put up.

I use my running, training, attitude as my daily attributes, always trying to help people along their path whatever it may be.

I love having fun. Usually try to break the stress of any situation in training or life by doing something completely random.

I like everything EarthGroove stands for and how it does things.

Crystal Olive

I am positive, and extremely passionate about running and fitness. I also have a never quit attitude

I run for my son’s charity the A-T Cure Team to raise money and awareness for his rare disease

I love to support local brands.

Ilove to have fun while working out, running is fun until it’s not but even then.

Danielle Mathias

I enjoy having the opportunity to be part of an empowering community that also gives back in so many ways. I love the products and want to share that passion with others.

I’m a natural teacher, physically active, and have an ability to influence many people. I’m outgoing, friendly, warm and inviting and love talking to people of all ages and of all backgrounds.

I plan on doing greats thing while wearing great, comfortable clothing. This year (if races are allowed) I’ll be doing the Klondike Ultra, TranSelkirks 3 day multi-stage race, and the Grizzly Ultra. I’m also starting to get into mountain biking and can’t wait to showcase the EG activewear.

I believe in the mission statement of EarthGroove and want to help empower others through fitness wear/activity.

I love trail running and mountain hiking. If it wasn’t fun then I wouldn’t do it. I’ve just recently got a bike trainer so mountain biking will be on my list of things to get out and learn this year.

Debbie Bjornson

Friendly caring love to put in the effort to achieve my goals.

I love supporting the EarthGroove community and promoting positive feelings.

To make a difference I help out when I can. Love all.

Why do you want to join the Groovement?
This is such a caring supportive group. Love giving back

Positive thoughts. Helps to keep the mind occupied while doing incredible things for your body.

Deb Kershaw

Determined; Smile; Volunteer

I discovered Earthgroove through a mutual friend and a volunteer opportunity. After spending the day volunteering with Jill at a race aid station, I picked up 2 pairs of tights – a pair of brushed (it was a cold midsummer day), and the classic Stand By Me tights.  Since then I love supporting such a fantastic Edmonton business and rocking sweet tights!

Having being a cyclist all my life, I was introduced to running in 2011. Looking for a group to run with, I joined a local run club and found myself booking a trip to Las Vegas for a half marathon! It was the start of a journey that would lead me to volunteer as a pacer fornearly 50 half marathons all the way from Halifax to Vancouver.  Now my focus is hiking, camping, cycling, paddle boarding, and of course, volunteering.  My husband and I spend our time camping and hiking in the summer and finishing off the day with a paddle.  As an active member of local Edmonton bike clubs, I enjoy both road and trail riding.  You will often see me volunteering at the local trail running races through the summer. Typically I will be found working package pick up or coordinating volunteers.

Without fail, I will be wearing my favourite Earthgroove tights or shorts.  They are my go-to for all my activities.

Heather Busch

I feel I am quite creative and definitely doing things outside the box. I have a strong perseverance trait which has helped me throughout my life.

Anything that involves fitness and community, I will always advocate for. I bring to the table much hard knock experience and feel this is one of the main reasons I train and love being involved , especially volunteering and fundraising.

I like to have fun when I workout.I train 6 days a week. I belong to #Nolimitstriathlon, and my training plan is scheduled by my coach. My goal is to cross the finish line at Calgary 70.3 Ironman this July.

Heather Stirling

I’m loyal, motivated, dedicated, humble, authentic, brave, self-disciplined, encouraging and (hopefully) inspiring.

I really enjoy my Earthgroove stuff.  I like to support and promote things I believe in. Also – It looks super fun!

This year and moving forward, I want to volunteer a lot. Since I took up running 3.5 years ago, I’ve done a lot of running and not a lot of volunteering due to fear of missing out – or as kids would say these days, “FOMO”. Haha. I can admit it now. I realize now how much of a difference volunteers make, and how many amazing events I get to be a part of that wouldn’t exist at all if it wasn’t for volunteers. So I have realized that I need to give back in addition to participating. So that’s one way I am going to give back. I’m also working with my friend to create a non-profit organization to raise funds for various local charities. I like to also try to inspire others with the things I do. I’m no star runner. I’m a formerly non-athletic person who has worked really hard to become an average paced runner. Hopefully, seeing this, helps someone, somewhere, overcome some of their own obstacles.

I love the EarthGroove products, and also love that the sales support mental health initiatives. I’ve battled with depression for a lot of years, and running is one of the ways I combat it. I would also like to help support and promote a great local business.

Running is so fun – even when it’s hard. I like to have fun when I run by running with friends, participating in races/events/relays, and taking on bigger and bigger challenges.

Hiro Watanabe

I’m an ultra runner, I’m train for it the entire year for many years.

It’s my worship time so I enjoy “alone” time. Occasionally I run with my friends/group too, it’s also great and important for me. It’s why I became an ambassador, it’s like my family.

Jen Bergstrom

Kind, forgiving, understanding, mentally strong, givingInspiring other people to move in the one direction I know… forward.

Wearing happy clothing and trail running/backpacking  are what keeps me sane and from being depressed.

To make a difference I s
pread the love and positivity by helping others through volunteering and spreading kindness.

Every outdoor workout is an adventure and therefore fun. I love pushing my body to see what it can do. Outdoor adventures are always better with friends.

Jen Hamel

Being part of the Earthgroove team has become like a second family to me. I love being a part of the team and representing EG every day and everywhere I go.

I volunteer at events and give back through the community whenever I can.  I practice kindness and try myself to stay true to myself.

I’m trying to make a difference by spreading love and kindness throughout the world. My reach is mostly local but it’s friendly

I’m a social ultra runner. I love running with a friend or 2 or 10. I also teach group fitness.

Krista Mitchell

I welcome everyone to be active. I encourage everyone. I offer a place (Trekkers facebook page) for everyone to feel safe, encouraged and have a sense of belonging. My run/walk group has over 1000 active members. The facebook page sees traffic daily. I am really good at promoting brands that work, and that will benefit athletes. I have a couple items from earthgroove and absolutely LOVE them! One of my fellow Trekkers had this to say: “And as a family, we take some things very seriously. Food drive for the food bank? We pack it in. Biking for mental health? We spin it out. Run for suicide prevention fundraiser? We flood the streets. Volunteers needed for a big event? We show up in force. One of our members has a personal tragedy or injury? We bring homemade food, gift baskets, giftcards, and wine. (I personally experienced this when I broke my ankle last spring). Why do we do this? Because this is what a family does.\” I do what I can do help others! Our Run/Walk Group Family is amazing!

I started a run/walk group in the Win=
ter of 2016 with 20 or so athletes, meeting on a Thursday night for a fun evening of exploring. In September of 2021, 5 short years later, our Thursday night run group was 91 athletes. A group of this magnitude every Thursday night, requires lots of organization however so satisfying to see the trails populated with individuals each striving to be better and each having their own story. My passion lies in showing every individual that trail running is EPIC. It can be a part of everyones life. Over the years we have founded the Northern Alberta Trail Series, The IceCream Fun Run, The Reindeer Romp, and Run for A Good Cause. These events have given back over $25,000 to local not for profit organizations in our area. We also orga=
nize different events for Trekkers to take part in, such as the Make Some Noise for Mental Health bike a thon, running and walking through the Northern Spirits Light Show in December and most notably recognizing a Trekker of the Month each month by peer nomination. Outside of Grande Prairie we are all represented each year at the Sinister 7 race in the Crowsnest Past and the Canadian Death Race in Grande Cache. The trekkers can stand 100 athletes tall at some of those events. We now have an active facebook page of over 1000 athletes. One of the most encouraging, positive and supportive pages in the social media world.  I intend to continue to make a difference in our Community by leading by example and encouraging others to move.

I run, bike, hike, snowshoe,cross country ski. I do something everyday! Always having fun. Goofy pictures, videos, always posting to encourage others. During my Challenges I also add fun things for the participants, make a snowman, bake a treat, do a good deed, run with xmas lights on, make a snow angel, write your name in the snow – always something FUN to keep everyone moving.

Laura Townsend

I love people & hearing their stories. I feel like I can connect with just about everyone due to the variety of my background. I feel really grateful for Earthgroove creating the Survivor print for me & other survivors of sexual violence.

I love everything about this company. Earthgroove is local, gives back to the community & inspires so many through its unique designs.

I try to make a difference on a daily basis to others. I grew up on a farm & I feel it’s important to connect with people because we are all connected through work, community, emotionally & spiritually. That’s why the simplest thing such as a smile or taking a few minutes to listen to someone whether it’s family, a friend or a stranger can make that difference. I wear a piece of Earthgroove almost every day on a run (today was runstreak day#441) or to work (as Task Guru…helping others to simplify their lives) & I have found that alone can change someon’s day. The artwork is a conversation piece & sometimes a conversation starter. For example, one day I was cleaning the apartments of 2 friends & I found out they discuss the print of my pants with each other. They both especially loved my Christmas sweater with light lights tights LOL One day while grocery shopping, a woman in her eighties approached me to compliment me on the “Fall Down 7, Get Up 8” print.

I joined the Groovement to keep inspiring people to believe in themselves. Do what you love. Wear something that means to you. Support a local company employing local people & help our local communities. Everything about Earthgroove is easy to promote because it’s everything I believe as well.

I love having fun while working out. Almost all of my workouts are outside because I am a firm believer in connecting to the outdoors. I hug trees. Did a snow angel with my son, Matt while we waited for the bus this morning. Back in December doing 1 silly thing per day & that has definitely added some giggling to my day. Yesterday I jumped over snow drifts pretending I was a horse…with a loud NEIGH LOL

Laurie Cardinal

I am a certified personal trainer , race director, and 2 time Canadian Death Race soloist finisher.

EarthGroove is an amazing Canadian company with and amazing product. I am a person trainer and I run Ultra trail runs. The leggings are by far the best fit I have ever had. The arm sleeves are my go to for all the summits. I love to support a company that gives back and is Canadian.

I am president and founder of a non for profit. Vertical Slam Ultimate Challenge society. We organize trail runs to feed children in our local schools and people recieving cancer treatment locally. I am also a founder of Newbie Jane. A ladies Facebook group that encourages women into running and trail running.

This community is amazing full of inspiring people. We need more Canadian strong companies that give back and empower our communities.

Fun is always a goal of working out! The trails are my favorite. The freedom of the expectations and the freedom of the soul.

Lisa Irving

Stubborn; Tough; Reliable

I love being apart of the EarthGroove team.

I like to have fun when I workout.  What’s the point if you don’t.  Smiling while running/working out makes it easier.  (They actually did a study!)

EarthGroove is an awesome group of people to be part of.

Melanie Behm

Positive, empathetic, and I’m often told I have a way of reframing things to see them in a different light that leaves people feeling better about a situation.

I love the EarthGroove products for a number of reasons but more importantly I love the way they give back to the community and to causes that are near and dear to me specifically around mental health initiatives. I want to be part of something that is actively working to make our piece of the world better. I know a few of the ambassadors and they are great people. When great people are a part of something that is a testament to it as well.

I make a difference by actively engaging with and encouraging others to be the best versions of themselves wherever they are in that time and place.

I believe it’s my mission to provide opportunities for people to be and to discover and explore their best selves. Movement is a huge part of that and being comfortable in what you are wearing makes it easier to do just that.

While I am happy training on my own I love training with a group. I can be fairly serious but also love making snow angels just because it brings me joy and will brighten someone’s day.

Melissa Wills-Erickson

I am friendly, outgoing, and try to live from a place of intentional gratitude and positivity.

I plan on making a difference by linking the Groovement with my work within Mental Health services. Community is so important to be able to live life to it’s fullest. I look forward to meeting others in the Groovement and building more community here in Calgary

I like to have fun when I workout! By making sure I am using my energy to do something that I love, and following where my passions take me, and not feeling bad if they change from doing burpee hours to OCR to long distance running or yoga, hiking, power walking, just knowing that moving my body is important for my own mental health. And also remembering “If you’re not smiling you’re doing it wrong” 😉

Naomi Klassen

I have the gift of empathy. I have also been told in my life that I have the gift of wisdom. I love to reach people where they are at and help them grow into amazing versions of themselves.

I love the EarthGroove, the owner, and I love local companies that make a difference in the community.

I make a difference by being authentic and transparent. I share my joys and I share my struggles, and I know that I make an impact in other’s lives. I also know that because of that, I can reach people and help promote things I believe in easily. I take this ‘responsibility’ seriously and am thankful for all of the connections I have and that I can make a difference in their lives.

Although I am currently in rehab for concussion and have a harder time working out (think: super spinny head and pressure in the brain still – ugh!), in my normal life, I love to challenge my body to have fun when I exercise. I love to dance (think dancing in the pouring rain, not serious dancing), I love to run, I love to teach exercising to others (whether they are 3 or 103 years old). I love to try new sports and challenge myself physically in ways I have never done before (I want to learn how to box once my concussion is under control! 🙂

Narissa Ooraikul

I’m a friendly, compassionate, and empathetic being.  I have a great love for my family and friends, and would do anything for any of them.  I believe in justice, community, and humanity.  I’m also self-reflective, and try to always look for the positive in any given situation.

I became an Earthgroove Ambassador because I love what the owner and company stands for, and love the products themselves.  When I think of Earthgroove, I think of community, strength, diversity, a healthy mind and body…all values that reflect my own.  I love that Earthgroove is a local company that creates quality activewear with fun and beautiful prints that speak to your soul.  I love that it is created for all ages, shapes, and abilities, and gives back to community and mental health initiatives.  The message that Earthgroove puts out into the world is one of inclusivity and inspiration.  I already wear and love the product.  When you already believe in and love something, it makes it easy to promote it.

I plan on making a difference by living a life that reflects my values, which includes modelling a healthy and positive lifestyle.  For each person, that lifestyle may look different.  I’m a middle-aged mom and wife who found a love and appreciation for trail running in just the past 5 years.  I’m not a competitive runner, but run for the beauty of my surroundings, the physical benefits, the fun to be had with my running friends, and the peace it gives to my soul. I do run races, but also volunteer at races.  I have gained so much from the running community, and try to give back of my time when I can.  The positivity that the running community puts out into the world is infectious, and I love being a part of it.  I also love to share my love for the trails with others. Whenever friends or family show any interest in the trails, I enthusiastically encourage them to join me for a walk or run.  The trails have done so much for my mental well-being, that I want others to experience its magic as well.

I absolutely love to have fun when I workout!  For me, I find my fun in a workout by making it a social activity.  It may involve a trail run or mountain adventure with friends and/or family.  Or it may be by creating an online daily accountability group of friends, where we check in on each other to ensure that each has completed a video workout program, such as T25 or Hip Hop Abs.  Or it may be a race that all my friends agree to sign up for, so we can have a party on the trails.  Making a workout fun provides that extra bit of motivation to keep me moving and grooving.

Norma Kennedy

My goal is to promote wellness in the community.  Through my yearly run I support both Can. Blood Services & the Stollery Children’s hospital.

Representing local business that gives back to our community & also strives to promote wellness & physical well being is an honour.

I am always focused on giving back & on supporting those that have our communities best interests at heart.

I love what the Groovement represents.  I love seeing the success of small business through a passion for personal growth & self love & self respect.

I believe in having fun while working out. Getting together with strong women & finding different adventures,  like yoga retreats, destination runs, or just weekly runs through our beautiful city.

Regan Richards

Loyalty, motivating, dedicated father and husband. Continuously try to self improve.

I appreciate and respect what EarthGroove stands for by bringing nature and spirit together.

I always try to inspire others to be passionate about fitness. It truly is a lifestyle!!

Running is always fun!! Love catching up with friends for long runs on weekends. Spartan workouts are always a blast. Getting my daughter involved in activity (running, stairs, biking, etc)

Rian Wall

Im loud! Im talkative! Im high energy and active! I love meeting new people and sharing adventures!

I live (and love) the inclusive attitude of Earth Groove! The message of happiness, joy and inclusiveness rings true for me in my yoga practice and my running community. In addition, i have just fallen IN LOVE with Earth Groove clothing. Nothing gets me out the door in -30 than Earth Groove fleece lined tights!

I want to spread Earth Groove’s message of joy and inclusivness to my yoga students and to everyone i meet while running. Helping everyone achieve their personal best (whatever that looks like) is at the heart of why i love to teach yoga and functional fitness.

Life is too short to take seriously! I bring that energy into my yoga classes and encourage my students to live in the moment! While running, i treat every run as an adventure and an opportunity to do something new!

Rob Kopecky

I’m not the fastest, or the fittest, or the youngest, but like everyone, I have a story. I feel I can help inspire people to just get out and do it. Whether that is to go to the gym, their first or their longest race, or to climb a mountain. It’s all possible. Some of my biggest attributes are a positive attitude, always cheerful, committed, driven, helpful and encouraging of others.

I’ld like to share some of my story to give you insight of who I am and where I’ve come from and how some of those attributes have helped in my journey. I was always heavier as a kid growing up, but somewhat active. Fast forward to my forties, I knew something had to change and I decided to go try a gym. When I stepped on the scale there, I was 326 lbs. I started working at it and got the momentum and little by little weight was coming off. Eventually I lost 100 pounds and I started running and loved it. I then moved to Edmonton and joined an outdoor bootcamp because I just love being outdoors and found out that our incredible river valley has nature right in our backyard to explore. A good friend of mine introduced me to Spartan races in 2016, and I loved it. I was slow and needed lots of help, but I did a trifecta that year. I told myself for the first race of the 2017 season, I wanted to drop another 20 pounds. Well, it turned out that I ended up losing over 40 pounds! In total, over the years, I lost 144 pounds! As 2017 was coming to a close, I didn’t want to lose my momentum, so I joined Edmonton Trail Runners (ETR) to keep running with a group over the winter, as well as keeping up with my bootcamp workouts. That turned out to be a great decision and I met some incredible people there who have inspired me to do even more. In 2018, I did my first 25 Km trail race, which at that time was my furthest ever distance. It was great! That success gave me the confidence to do my first marathon. I decided that I wanted to do a trail marathon, so decided on the near death marathon in Grande Cache! It was an amazing experience, and I loved finishing it in my Earthgroove wardrobe! In 2019, I was interested in trying even more. I considered that I was turning 50, so thought why not try a 50k ultra! I did that, also in a new Earthgroove wardrobe and loved it! The day after I decided to sign up for the 54k Black Spur ultra in my home town. Again, I picked out a new Earthgroove shirt with the help of Jill and finished that! I’ve decided to up my game for 2020, and have signed myself up for the Sinister Sports mini triple, which will include my first ever attempt at 50 miles at Sinister 7, the near death marathon, and the 54k event at Black Spur. I’m not sure what else the year will bring, but there will be other races. Thinking back to when I was over 320lbs, I never thought of myself as someone that would wear tights, but I am so thrilled to be part of the Groovement. The clothing feels so amazingly comfortable and its fun and I find that patterns meaningful. I love being able to support local where quality is there, and that’s what you have with your line. I really also like that your company supports mental health initiatives and that you have a strategy to spread fitness fun!

I love being part of and building community. It took me awhile to figure that out in life, but after moving to Edmonton, that clicked. I am a very active part of Edmonton Trail Runners (ETR). To the point where I volunteer a lot of my time there. I believe that to be a strong trail runner and ultra runner, you can’t just run. I worked on getting that message out shortly after joining. I now, for the past 14 months offer a free 30 minute outdoor bootcamp to members of ETR before their regular scheduled weekly campfire run. I am a believer that fitness shouldn’t cost a lot, so this is done at no cost to anyone. I even supply all the equipment, whether I have to buy it or make it. I feel I’ve made a difference in this community and receive a lot of positive feedback. I want to grow this as well and am looking at ways to do that. I am also involved in OCR racing. I really enjoy it, and get more enjoyment out of doing it with a team of people and making sure everyone gets to finish together. I’ve never left anyone behind.

I’m a big supporter of ‘local’ when the quality is there, and EarthGroove clothing has proven to be of quality and comfort! And then when you add on the other factors of the positive messaging, supporting mental health initiatives and being fun clothing, its something I want to be part of. I have first hand experience with mental health issues in my immediate family so that part really hits home with me. I also love the community that Earthgroove builds and want to help play a larger part in that.

I absolutely love to have fun both when I workout and when I race! When I do an OCR race, I never do it alone. I’m always part of a fun team that sticks together. I have had the option to go and do my own race, even though I started with a team, but to me, the bigger success comes in finishing it as a team. We have a lot of fun together and it creates for better memories. I love trips into the mountains! On may occasions I have organized day trips to go climb/hike/run a mountain our 2. Even though I can be a bit competitive, I like to take my time to take in the moments. From most of my races, or training, you will see a lot of photos! Never in too much of a hurry for photo ops, no mater the race. No need to take things too seriously.

Ryan Berger

Goofy, laid-back, adventurous, always up to find new trails and friends

I strive to make a difference by volunteering with Adventure Scientists, a company that uses volunteers from the outdoors communities to track everything from birds to wild animal kills to trees and rivers. Also volunteering to help maintain and improve the trail running that we have in our local communities by working on the actual trails with other local groups

The Earthgroove community has been a huge, welcoming community to me and I want to continue to spread the love that they have shown me!

Love having fun working out, whether it be in a group, working out to music, having fun on the local mountain bike trails and ripping dirt, or another way that I can have fun and share that fun with others.

Sailaja Pammidi

I am Physical Therapist and a Psychologist who majored in behaviour modification and counselling. I believe in co- existing. I respect nature and all it offers. I am a mother of 2 very active kids who love swimming, hiking and exploring new trails. All our vacations are planned usually around trails and hikes.

I believe in giving and supporting  community and I believe in what EarthGroove stands for.

I make a difference by encouraging my family, friends and acquaintances to make healthy choices, embrace the nature, appreciate one another and to help create safe platforms to communicate and share about both physical and mental health without worries of being criticized or judged

I love having fun. Any activity I do with my kids especially with my 10 year old daughter is fun. We do jumping jacks after every 1k sometimes, we see a hill, we do hill repeats or just roll down, we love tracking etc

Sean Strowbridge

I love running and I run every day. Resilient; Caring; Willing

Earthgroove has awesome clothing, and more importantly, a strong message that resonates with me.

I’m out there everyday, hopefully showing people you can do whatever you put your mind to.

Why do you want to join the Groovement?
It’s a great movement and I would like to help spread the word about this awesome brand and the things you do to help all the communities you touch.

Just put a smile on. I can’t not have fun when working out. Every time I work out, I’m bettering myself. How can I not be happy and have fun when I’m taking steps to become a better person.

Sonja Jongsman Knauss
Stella York

Hardworking; Determined; Fierce; Easy to get along with

I believe in Earthgroove and what it stands for.  Jill is an amazing woman who creates beautiful clothing that I simply cannot get enough of!

I  make a difference by living my life daily and hoping the manner in which I carry myself will make a difference to others

Why do you want to join the Groovement?
I would love to be able to showcase a brand that I support and believe in and to meet like-minded people

I like to have fun when I workout. I only engage in activities that I enjoy, bring me satisfaction, and make me happy.

Teri Robertson

Hi, I’m Teri. I’m a nurse and a runner in a rural northern Albertan community. Every day  I see the importance of keeping our bodies moving, on a level that is appropriate for us individually. It brings me joy to encourage others to get outside, enjoy nature and move their bodies. On my days off I’m usually found outside, going up a mountain or volunteering at ta race. being outside and moving is paramount for my mental health and I share that with others as often as possible.

I’m honoured to be an earth groove ambassador! I believe in everything that they stand for: supporting local, mental health and encouraging fitness.

Tess Owen

I am an ultramarathon runner, an elementary school teacher, a mother, a musician and a nature nut, among other things.

My life is oriented towards raising strong children, be it my own or my students, but I am always mindful to model what I teach, and I enjoy a healthy work-life balance (even if it means getting up to pull in a 15k at 5am every morning!)

I am a social runner, even in the hours before dawn. To me, the running is a vehicle to quality time spent in the forest with my partner Matthew, my dog Carmen, and my friends. I co-lead Trail Sisters Edmonton to further this.

I joined EarthGroove as an Ambassador because I value Jill’s message and I love that a local company can help connect a community through design and function. Her clothes are comfortable, attractive and easily distinguishable while being simultaneously unique.

Trudy Nastiuk

Community-minded, loves to support & inspire others, happiest outside.

I was a Big Sister through Big Brothers, Big Sisters for 7 years. Volunteer for the Christmas Bureau, CAAWLS, Habitat for Humanity & SCARS.

I like to get sweaty with friends & like-minded individuals. I remind myself of all the things my body is able to do. I love to hike, play soccer, golf, trail run & paddleboard.

I became an earthgroove ambassador because it has created a positive, inspiring community of people, I want to support local business & genuinely believe earthgroove is the best activewear on the market!

Victoria Twanow

I’m enthusiastic about life! I believe in living a joy-filled life and I know the “secret” to achieving this is through gratitude. I start my day naming 3 things I am grateful for. Even when I’m going through the darkest of life’s moments I can’t help but find gratitude in something.

I love the Earthgroove products and what the company stands for. Cheaply made “fast fashion” ends up polluting our environment and being shipped off to third world countries. Buying clothing that is higher quality, which will last a long time is a way we can help save our planet! Looking super cute while doing it is just an added bonus!

I tell everyone I meet who wears atheleisure about Earthgroove. I don’t even have to bring the subject up; when I wear my leggings people always stop me to ask where they are from!

I love working out! I teach group fitness so I can share my passion with others!! I have fun by creating a party atmosphere with great Playlists, pretty clothes and lots of humor. I never complain about an exercise or workout – instead I smile my way through it!

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