Giving Back

EarthGroove stands by and for the community, and it is one of our guiding company values to give back to our community.

Purchasing these prints supports local business and supports local initiatives that give back to mental and physical wellness.

20% of proceeds are donated to their respective causes!

Warm Hearts Warm Hands

This is a community led initiative where we hand out winter essentials (toques, mitts, scarves, socks) in backpacks to our inner city homeless via a 5km run/walk.

How WHWH came to be: Back in November 2014 Jen Hamel was out for her usual Sunday run on a particularly cold day dressed warm and determined . On the run she saw a homeless man who was so cold and was warming his hands in the exhaust of a downtown building. It sparked an idea to help him and many other of our city’s homeless.

Cheryl’s Run

Cheryl was a tenacious woman in her battle with Aplastic Anemia and the complications that arose from her bone marrow transplant.  She fought hard right to the end.  Her dream was to return to the job she loved in Pediatric Oncology at the Stollery Children’s Hospital at the U of A. 

She was a beautiful person, loved life, gave of herself and lived every day to the fullest! We want to continue her legacy through our annual events and blood donor clinics.

Cheryl required weekly blood transfusions during her battle with Aplastic Anemia to survive.  Many patients, including children at the Stollery, require blood for various reasons, be it for transfusion or surgery!  We started our Partners for Life campaign to encourage people to give this most valuable gift that sustains life!  

We also support the Stem Cell/Bone Marrow registry and encourage people to see if they are eligible to become a donor.  It is such a simple process that can save a life!  Kids and adults across our country are waiting for their perfect match! 

Run On For Amy’s House

Amy Alain lived her life with a rare intensity; relentlessly positive and tirelessly kind, she brought beauty and inspiration everywhere she went. A mother to two beautiful children, Adelaine and Christian, and wife to Phil, Amy was a personal trainer and phenomenal athlete; she particularly loved to run.

After a podium finish at a 25 km trail race, Amy was ecstatic, and hungry for more. Following the race, she developed a deep cough, very unusual for her as she was always incredibly healthy. Amy was diagnosed with lung cancer in May of 2018. She immediately looked for ways to use her experience to help others. She started the Lunges for Lung Cancer Awareness campaign, a social media campaign to raise awareness of the signs and symptoms of lung cancer with the goal of early detection, and to reduce the stigma around lung cancer. During her months of chemo treatments and hospitalizations, Amy was grateful for how close they lived to access the care she needed, and her and Phil started dreaming of opening a home for families from out of town to stay in that was close to hospitals and the cancer treatments they needed. Amy passed away in February of 2019 at the age of 38. In her memory, Phil opened Amy’s House, and made their dream of helping others a reality.

Amy’s House is a home away from home for out of town cancer patients and their families to stay at while they receive treatment in Edmonton. Run On Edmonton is a trail race in support of Amy’s House.

Peace Within Initiative

What does peace mean? It’s a reflection from the inside that exudes to the outside. Energy in, Energy out. Help us to make a difference with mental health and helping others with finding peace and health through their journey by buying an item and giving back to this important cause.

Casa Sherwood Park
Michelle Anderson (yoga/fitness instructor)

Sinister 7

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