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Meet Candie

Meet Candie

Sewer and Trainer

Sewing for me is like self-therapy. It is a relaxing part of my life that takes away my stress. My creations make me happy and I love to create unique things when I sew.

When I teach women to sew it starts new friendships and connects me with many people. I love to share my knowledge with others and collect knowledge from them. “I love color, it makes me very happy”.

 Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa

Graphic Designer

Lisa studied fashion design at the Art Institute of Vancouver & graduated with honours in 2010. Upon graduation, McLeod worked at a sportswear manufacture in Calgary Alberta for almost 4 years, back in 2012 she met Jill Boychuck who was just starting to develop Earth Groove Activewear.

It all started with a collaboration on the logo design, then blossomed into creating beautiful graphic prints inspired by Jills Mom’s artwork. The pair have a great soulful connection that bring Jill’s Ideas to life become stunning visual wearable art that is rich and full of depth. Lisa is passionate about creating fashion graphics and pattern making.

Not only designing with Jill, Lisa has her own label of eco-friendly activewear and is an avid strength trainer & gym rat! Fashion, fitness & the environment are her passions and that’s what drew her to work with EarthGroove.

Meet Lois

Meet Lois


As a young adult in northern Ontario I loved spending time sketching, oil painting, and making my own clothes. After graduating from interior design I ventured into the career of drafting at an engineering firm in Edmonton. During my time with the firm we ventured into CAD. From there I moved into Transport Canada. I was part of a team managing the accumulation of early GIS data for Canada’s vast network of Airports. During this time I maintained my love of sketching and continued making my wardrobe.

After marriage I moved into the career of motherhood where I continued to create. With my children I discovered many fun ways of creating designs on fabrics. I started sewing for people other than family creating decorated table covers, show display equipment carrying cases and outfits for sales girls. I also started making small drawstring bags for a golf game for an Edmonton based promotional company. I eventually joined the company, embroidering garments and other soft goods. The company thrived on innovation and we moved into heat transfers, laser burning fabric and sublimating t-shirts and fabric by the meter.

Now it’s time to continue with creating some new fun ways of wearing poignant art on your body. Garments that visually say ‘hi, let’s enjoy life today’

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