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Stand By Me
Stand By Me
Edmonton’s first fitness fashion show & fundraiser in support of mental health. June 17, 2017 
Meet our Ambassadors
They run like the wind,  jump with joy and are shaping a movement to make fitness fun and community strong. 
Mountain Lion
Super Mom!

Rocker with Heart

Endurance Champ

Jump. Smile.

Ironman and Trail Blazer
Joining the Groovement
Joining the “Groovement” is EarthGroove’s call to action and a strategy focused on spreading “fitness” fun (i.e. the love and rewards of working out) and help raising the level of health in our communities. When you’ve “Joined the Groovement” or have become an EarthGroove Ambassador or Strategic Partner it means you are passionate about elevating community. You get up every morning for something bigger than yourselves and inspire others with your enthusiasm and achievements.
EarthGroove's Key Message
The very fabric that makes community strong is made up of all the threads that weave together the good stuff: love and support, resilience, positive vibes, effort, empathy, fun times, togetherness and even a “little groove”.  Transform your fitness into a lifestyle that is invigorating and fun. “Wear Something That Means Something”.
Our Brand Promise
EarthGroove athletic apparel will make you “look good and feel good” which will enrich your fitness experience. And a positive mindset around exercise is absolutely essential. When it comes to your exercise regime you need to find something that you enjoy. If you enjoy it, you’ll stick to it, which is important, as consistency is the key to achieving goals and of course for our long-term health. If you are positively engaged with something, and want to, rather than have to, it provides a significant change in mindset. We Promise.
Building a community and having fun at the same time.
This communal gathering atmosphere is an important part of today’s fitness world. Community can also be uniquely defined as “the abundance we all have inside ourselves to help others even if we don’t know who they are”. So, building community in others has the potential to inspire others to also do good. Fitness should be fun – there should be an aspect of laughter and sweat.  Although diet, nutrition, hydration and a workout plan are crucial, the most important ingredient to fitness is fun. Transform your fitness into a lifestyle that is invigorating and fun.
Customize Your Groove
Let’s Work Together
We’d be very happy to collaborate with you to develop custom designs for your special events. Contact us at: [email protected]
Past Customers
  • 5 Peaks Trail Running Series
  • Dream Travel
  • Kids Kottage
  • DAWS (Do Away With Spinal Atrophy)
  • Blackfoot Ultra
  • Kronos Triathlon Club
  • Rage/Warrior Baseball Teams
  • Royal Glenora Rythmic Gymnastics Club
  • Rage Hockey Team