I was always a competitive athlete when young. As life progressed and the daily grind got in the way, health and sports took the back seat. Not too long ago I decided enough is enough and decided to get fit again. I lost almost 40 pounds in a year and got very active. I discovered the sport of OCR (obstacle course racing) and was instantly hooked! Over the past four years I have become an OCR elite athlete.

Running is my primary training activity, and this has led me to find an amazing community of runners in Edmonton. It has changed so many things for me and has made me not only a better runner, but a better person.

My interests are: my family’s and kids’ activities, volunteer minor hockey coach, my own training which consists primarily of running and crossfit, and in the summer being on the water as much as possible.

Words I “groove” by

Passion! I give 100%. I like to feel good about what I am doing and work hard at it.  


I thought I was a “community” person before, but I didn’t really know what it meant until I got in to OCR and various training groups throughout the city. I now truly know what it means and love it. We all help and support each other. The camaraderie is incredible and contagious. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever give a sweaty stranger a hug first thing in the morning or at a finish line!  

Why I love to Sweat

Exercise is a healthy addiction for me, what I love most about it is I am setting a great example for my kids, and they are very active as well. They even participate in kids races alongside me, it’s a family affair. I also like that I have helped others get active and become healthier. Working out makes me happy, it’s true what they say about the endorphin release!