I am a maritimer turned mountain man. Having grown up in Canmore Alberta I had the luxury and privilege of having the mountains as my playground. This is where I discovered my passion for the outdoors. Although this discovery was necessary in itself, it became quickly and clearly evident that sharing it with others was my truer passion. Which lead me to the realization that community was my truest passion. Knowing, sharing, caring, helping and being with people is what I live for. Whether it be with my kick-butt wife, my baby boy, my family, friends, peers, co-workers or complete strangers, establishing connection is what I strive for.
I work as a physical therapist and play as an ultra-runner and basketball player. Movement creates endless opportunity and crushes boundaries. This is why I do it, this is why I teach it. I just love having something bold, reliable and comfortable to do it in!

Words I “groove” by

If you don’t use it, you lose it. Truer words can never be spoken.


Community is your safety net, it is my safety net, it is our safety net. When all else fails community remains untouchable. The bonds are stronger than those in matter itself. Community is the go to spot for love, compassion, happiness and reprieve.

Why I love to Sweat

Sweating helps me feel accomplished in a day where I feel I get nothing done. Sweating keeps me young, keeps me fit, keeps me healthy. Sweating also contributes to holistic health, not just the physical. Most of all sweating is a huge way to form connection!