Thomas is 30 year old PhD Candidate in Organic Chemistry at the University of Alberta, he also has his Masters in Organic Chemistry, and a BSc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Northern British Columbia in Prince George where he grew up.  He has completed 5 full marathons, and a 50Km trail ultra-marathon.  This summer Tom is registered for his first 100Km ultra marathon in Washington State, as well as a few other races.

Tom has had quite the transformation, he is still the same caring, always puts others first, and loveable guy on the inside but he has completely transformed himself into an athlete.  His fitness journey started with him weighing 360 or so pounds.  The scale stopped there so he is not quite sure the exact weight, but he has lost an estimated 180 pounds over the last 7 years.  He fell in love with running 4 years ago when he was invited out with co-workers, one of which introduced him to a local run group, the River City Runners (RCR), and later Run Collective. November Project is also a large part of Tom’s life, not only does he work out with the free fitness movement 3 times a week but he has made many lasting friendships with likeminded people.

His future goals include, finishing a 100-mile ultra-marathon and making a 1000 pound total in a powerlifting competition, both in the same year.


Words I “groove” by

“Nobody cares, work harder.” – Cameron Hanes

“If all of this were easy, it wouldn’t matter how it ends.” – Dan Mangan



People who love you for your highlights and your blooper reel.

Why I love to Sweat

“A future where my body doesn’t limit the things I can do, is a whole lot brighter than what it used to be for me.” 


My Favs

(dope EarthGroove design, food, hobby, sports team, movie, rockstar, inspirational quote, whatever turns my crank – I love this stuff!)

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