I love to run. Plan and simple. And I love to see and encourage others to get out and run, enjoy the outdoors, explore and experience the amazing trail system we have right here in Edmonton’s’ river valley.

My love of running began many years ago, but really took off in my mid 30s and soon expanded to trail running, which I absolutely cannot get enough of. Through trail running I have gone to areas I otherwise never would have and met people who have become friends for life. Trail running doesn’t define me, but it most certainly refines me.

My passion for running has grown exponentially through November Project Canada and the Croissant Run Club. The people in these groups have pushed me to do better and be better.

Words I “groove” by

My motto is “It’s not About the Run”, because to me it’s about the opportunity to connect with my surroundings and with others who have a shared passion.

“A run that ends with coffee and croissants, is a run well planned” – Steve circa 2017 


I absolutely love the running community and the overwhelming support of one another that is shared daily. To have seen so many people set goals and achieve them through running and from those achievements gain the confidence to achieve even more in their lives is what I embrace the most.

Why I love to Sweat

By day I live a pretty busy schedule and I remain committed to being able to make sure I get out to run, bike or simply play and through that activity push myself and sweat.  I find that during the times I run on my own I get my best thinking done. And when I run with others I always leave feeling empowered by the conversations held.