Pancreatic Cancer Canada Mask

3-Layer Premium Face Mask

Fabric: Light Blue
Logo: Deep Purple



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Product Details

Our focus is quality, function and fit using premium fabrics and supplies. They can be washed repeatedly and are very durable and fit snug and comfortable. 3 fabrics are used-an outside water resistant fabric, soft bamboo wicking fabric inside and a polypropylene filter sewn in between the layers for filter and protection. No need to take out the filter as it can be washed and reused over again. Adjust elastic if needed to fit more snug by tying a knot or cutting and tying a knot to make smaller for different face types. They come in black and prints in 2 sizes small and large.

Outer layer - water resistant polyester/spandex
Centre layer - polypropylene
Inner layer - bamboo/cotton

We want you to wear something that means something and protects yourself and others and support each other.

Buy some for others you care about  and buy a few for yourself so you can alternate when washing for safety - for a discount shown above and share the love. From our heart to yours. ❤️

We recommend using the mask once and then placing it in a resealable bag for easy laundering. Wash your hands thoroughly after touching the mask with hand soap for at least 20 seconds.

Our small staff is sewing as fast as they can, while still following the guidelines for safe social distancing.

*Disclaimer - This is not a medical device. Earthgroove Activewear Hereby Disclaims Implied Warranties of Merchantability and Fitness for a Particular Purpose. All sales final, no returns or exchanges.

About Pancreatic Cancer Canada

We at Pancreatic Cancer Canada envision a day where every single person diagnosed with this disease will be a survivor. We envision a day when pancreatic cancer patients no longer need to count special moments and instead continue to collect them – as survivors. 

We ‘envision’ this day because it is still the goal, not the reality. Pancreatic cancer boasts a 92% mortality rate, and for too long received only scraps of research funding because the affected population was too small, and patients died too fast. Because of this, progress in this disease has been drastically outpaced by advancements in other cancers for decades.  

We aren’t looking for sympathy. We’re looking for results. That means raising survival rates by funding research, as well as increasing awareness, education and patient support. We’ve invested nearly $4 million across Canada. Which means we’re on the cusp of a breakthrough in early detection, treatment and improving patient outcomes.

All proceeds from each mask sold will be donated to Pancreatic Cancer Canada.

We thank you for your support of pancreatic cancer research and for the important part you are playing in helping us change the outcomes of this horrible disease.

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