I met Jill Boychuk at the Edmonton Marathon in 2015. She had her Earthgroove display at the Expo, so of course I bought some sleeves and a headband, which I promptly wore in my race the next day. Sure enough, I get just past the 10 km mark (and we were going at a PR pace!) and I hear this voice beside me: “nice sleeves,” so we began to talk and run the race together. We chatted off and on during the run, finishing close together. Noticing we had similar paces and lived in the same end of town, we agreed to run together. Thus began our forever friendship and running journey with Jill and her company. Sole Sisters! She was my morning cup of coffee.

Before Jill, movement was in me from birth! I was doing window
ledge pullups to peek outside at the age of 2! So my parents, observing this, decided to put me into gymnastics and there began the journey of fitness. As a competitive gymnast for many years I transitioned into coaching young gymnasts, and in my early 20’s I became a lifeguard and swim instructor. Next began my journey in studying rehabilitation medicine. I worked as an occupational therapist with children of all ages for over 20 years and now am a university instructor in Edmonton. Continuing to share my love of movement, in 2011 I became a Zumba and group fitness leader. Since then I have added certifications in spin, circuit, TRX, and 200-hour RYT yoga instructor while also being a recreational triathlete, marathoner and ultramarathoner. Running, trails especially, became my overriding passion and remains as such.

Words I “groove” by

Words to live by… ”Challenge your limits, don’t limit your challenges.” I inspire through sharing my passion about connecting and just being with people, through unconditional contribution and service.


My fitness leadership and role as a university educator have inspired many new friendships in many circles of my life, on campus, in the gym/yoga studio or on the road or trails I run/bike. I enable people to be the best version they can be – this is my passion! To transform one’s mind, spirit and body beyond the preconceived limitations they may have about themselves.

Why I love to Sweat

Energy, strength and inner serenity.