Laos born, NorCal raised, Canadian resident.  I’m a badass husband, kickass father of two and a fan of all tasty food.  I turn wrenches on Hondas and Toyotas during the day and am usually running or jumping through some kind of trail at night.

November Project Canada started me back into working out and staying healthy.  Edmonton Trail Runners gave me other reasons to go on runs.

Lasting friendships have been born by being fully immersed in the activity of play as  an adult.  Everything is more fun when there are friends to share it with.  My favorite activities include eating, playing basketball #ballislife, taking photos and building stuff with my hands.

Words I “groove” by

My passion is making people smile!  It brings me great joy to see others happy and enjoying the moment.  

I always try to use my energy to lift and encourage others to have fun.  Also I love hugs! Who doesn’t love a good hug?


A strong community consists of several key elements. First it must include a group of positive like minded individuals. Those individuals have to be willing to contribute to the greater good of the community without expecting much in return.  

The community must love and support itself from within by being uplifting and encouraging. 

Why I love to Sweat

Exercise should be fun!  Always!  I strive to find the happiness in every type of workout whether it be running 20km or doing 7 minutes worth of burpees!

Working up a sweat is good for the mind, body, and soul. Yes it can be difficult to see the good when I’m suffering in the middle of a hard session but I always look forward to the rush of joy at the end.  

Working out with others is also very motivating.


My Favs

(dope Earthgroove designs)

3D Skull





really super high