I’m the kid who loves to try new things and being different from everyone else. I have always been active, but what started the “bug” was on my first 10k run with co-workers in 2015, and I never stopped. From OCR, trail runs, road marathons, cycling, triathlons, ultra-running, I continue to push myself to higher levels. But what really kept me going is all the great people I call friends I meet along the way, sharing the same passion and encouragement.

Words I “groove” by

I am unique, I am authentic, I am me. My originality and energy motivates me, and motivates others. I want others around me to enjoy life, smile, and laugh. You can definitely catch me singing to myself on runs, and sometimes dance!  


I am grateful to be a part of several communities such as OCR and Trail-Running. The common theme is the passion and encouragement of the communities, bettering themselves and others around them with positive attitudes.  

Why I love to Sweat

Let’s go for a run, hop on a bike, go for a swim, scale that mountain, ski down that hill…. It doesn’t matter to me! I do not limit myself to one style, I’m a student of all styles. What better way to feel joy & accomplishment than to learn a new style and incorporate it as your own.