I’m a tiny, but spunky web and graphic designer, ultra runner and Ironman. I need stuff that is fun and holds up to the hell I put it through. We all have a story, I used to suffer from depression and I was 200 pounds. Now I’m 125 pounds, married, running, backpacking, doing Ironmans and enjoying life.

I want to spread the word about this awesome brand to the United States. Also, if people knew that this company gives back (in so many ways), more people are inclined to buy. I want to spread awareness, not just of the brand, but that so many people suffer in silence.

Words I “groove” by

I love endurance sports. I am fine with my thoughts on the trail, because of all of the interesting things you come across. It’s peaceful for me. A relief for the burdens of everyday life, and I love to see how much I can push myself.


The Trail Running and Ironman communities are the best thing to ever happen to me. We all lift each other up and have different backgrounds and stories. I rarely come across someone that isn’t supportive. We all tend to be positive and lift one another up.  

Why I love to Sweat

After losing 80 pounds and battling and defeating depression, I found that endurance sports were my new drug of choice. I met my husband and married him in the process and am a much better and happier person for it.