Born and raised proud Edmontonian, Jen is a devoted wife and mother. when Jen’s not running, lifting or teaching, she’s running after her kids.

After having her 2 children Jen lost an incredible amount of weight and she discovered her passion for fitness. Becoming a personal and group fitness instructor has allowed Jen to stay active and share her passion for fitness with hundreds of people.

Jen has now completed numerous 10k, 1/2, full and Ultra 50+km marathons as well as competed in the obstacle course racing world championships in 2016 &2017.

Words I “groove” by

Be the change you wish to see in this world put your happy vibes out there and you brighten up someone’s day.  


I am so thankful for the wonderful running/fitness community here in Edmonton. There was a time in my adult life that I was shy and didn’t have any friends. The running community has been so accepted and encouraging. I have met many wonderful people with amazing stories that continue to inspire me.  

3 years ago I would never have thought about an Ultra marathon and now I’m training for my first 100 miler. None of that would be possible without the support and love from my peers.  

Why I love to Sweat

When I run I feel free, free to be me, to prove to myself what I can do and pushing my limits to new heights. Fitness is also about fun so I love to workout and run with others. Sharing the experience with friends is a great way to bond.