I truly love the intimacy and beauty of nature. Being able to challenge myself and see how far my feet can take me everyday sets me up for infinite possibilities in life. I found a passion for trail running in 2013 and then starting running ultras in 2014. I’ve competed in ultras ranging from 50km to 200-mile races, and each one offers its own experience and adventure. I love the challenge and competition of being in the lead, yet cheering in the last runner is important to me, because we’ve all completed the same challenge. I’m proud to be part of Edmonton’s strong running community and support the great initiatives set forth by some of our leaders. Earthgroove has a strong mission standing behind empowering women and supporting mental health, and the clothing is comfortable, unique, and charismatic.

Words I “groove” by

Never give up. These words are literally tattooed on my arm. Three little words remind me that I can overcome any challenge; that the events of my life are meant to be an adventure that makes me stronger as a runner and a person. Even from the darkest lows, one can endure and triumph.  


A strong community is full of positive, like-minded individuals who make you feel like you’ve found a place to be yourself. I am surrounded by people who have been there for me through highs and lows , and they continue to inspire me through their actions and ideas.  

The community must love and support itself from within by being uplifting and encouraging. 

Why I love to Sweat

Knowing I put in 100% effort, and pushing myself to be stronger, faster, and physically and mentally prepared. Every time I head out on the trails, I tend to take the most twisted, challenging trail I can. Feeling the burn, settling through the pain, and being immersed in the experience and everything around you as all your senses align. The feeling at the finish, when you realise your accomplishment and what was found along the way. And the craving for more – always searching for the unknown that lies just around the corner.