Adriana is a 38 years old Vice Principal of a Junior High School with the Calgary Catholic School District.

Education and running are both passions of hers. During the busy work week, she starts her day by running on a treadmill early in the morning before heading into school. Meanwhile, she spends her weekends running long or enjoying racing with fellow running friends!

Adriana really got into running shortly after turning 30, when her best friend suddenly died. As she struggled to deal with the loss and recognizing that life is too short, she decided to live her life to the fullest by tackling items on her bucket list. One of the items was to run a marathon. She started training and 9 months later, ran her first marathon in 2010 at the Calgary Marathon, and since then, has continued her running journey.

Adriana currently trains with a triathlon group called Critical Speed in Calgary and runs for Team MitoCanada, a group who “runs for those who can’t” while raising awareness and funds for mitochondrial disease. In the past 8 years, she has completed 30 half marathons and 21 marathons, including 3 out of the 6 World Marathon Majors: Boston Marathon, TCS New York City Marathon and Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Her fastest marathon time is 3:06:22, achieved at the Los Angeles Marathon in 2017. In the past few years, she added longer distance and trail running, we well as triathlon training, and has completed 6 ultra-marathons, 3 Half Ironmans, and 1 Ironman. Currently, her next goal is to complete a 50 miles ultramarathon trail race in 2018.

Words I “groove” by

Running is the best way for me to start my day, to be lost in the moment and to be free. It teaches me to achieve my goals, to live my dreams, and to seize the day -“Carpe Diem”.
From running, I’ve come to appreciate that “A good life is a collection of happy memories.” -Denis Waitley.  


Being part of the running community is a fantastic way to bond with people who share similar passion and lifestyle (for running). The best part is making new friends. I have found that the running community is such a positive and supportive community to be a part of.
From the wonderful people I’ve met throughout my running journey, I’ve learned that “If you want to go fast, go alone…but if you want to go far, go together.” -African Proverb.

Why I love to Sweat

I love to run and sweat because it brings me peace and joy while helping bring balance to my life. I feel a sense of euphoria to know that I am working hard to accomplish the running goals I have set for myself.